Project: Daizy | Title -  Serenity

The first of a series of seven botanical illustration to identify the subject of a spent Asteraceae amellus (Michaelmas daisy). The paintings show the centre of the spent flower crammed with opening florets, packed full with enormous energy and forcing the structure of the flower head into a concertina movement while appearing to be motionless.

Dimension 30h x 30w cm Scale 1/16.  Year 2015.

Project: Daizy | Title -  Capacity

A water colour painting of a magnified Asteraceae amellus (Michaelmas daisy).    The title was influenced by the way the flower has just started to become ‘spent’ in its own quiet and calm way. 

Dimension 30x30w cm, Scale 1/16.  Year 2015.

Project: Daizy | Title: Blooming

The title for this painting derived from a sense that this is the second blooming that a flower transpires into as this is the stage when the pappus appear and start to open up as if another flower is to emerge. Material - Water colour painting of a Michaelmas daisy. 

Dimension 30x30 cm | Scale 1/14 |  Year 2014

Project: Daizy | Title - Primal 

The title comes from this particular flower having its own primal aura.  Spent flowers are often overlooked to the point where they are discarded and yet each spent flower changes into its own unique character. Medium, water colour painting. 

Dimension 30x30cm . Scale 1/17.  Year 2013

Project: Daizy | Title: Deliverance

The above watercolour painting of a spent Michaelmas daisy with its ray of seeds held together by the pressure of the plumed (parachute structure) seed that is in the process of being released.  The title refers to the achievement of completion.  Dimension 30x30 cm |Scale 1/14 | Year 2015

Project: Daizy | Title - Laiden

The above painting shows how spent flowers mature into a realm of physical development. The flower’s sole purpose changes after fertilisation to the importance of new life, held within the seed. Laiden is the urban spelling for laden referring to the heady dusting of the pollen as well as a beautiful and unique female with ambition.  Medium water colour painting. 

Dimension 30x30 cm | Scale 1/18 | Year 2014

Project: Daizy : Title: Initial

The above watercolour painting of a spent Asteraceae amellus (Michaelmas daisy), shows the initial flower that started the whole project of spent Michaelmas.  It was this flower that provided inspiration for the artist to paint this specific period of a flower’s life rather than paint the flower in full bloom.  Dimension 30x30 cm | Scale 1/17 | Year 2013

Title -  Serenity

Title -  Capacity

Title - Primal

Title: Blooming

Title - Laiden

Title: Initial

Title: Deliverance