Segment Firring

The work that I created for this exhibition is title Segment Firring. The drawing is of a drawing on tracing paper of a segment of a plumed seed of a Tragopogon pratensis L. (Salsify), when viewed through a macro lens (scale 1/8).  The two curved lines at the top of the drawing represent mankind’s discovery of making glass beads and the burnt candle represents the discovery by Joseph priestly (1774) that plants create oxygen as a by-product as part of the process of its photosynthesis. 

Materials:  Restored wooden easel, recycled demijohn with is neck and base removed, paper and thread.  The fringe of the demijohn was hand sewn onto card from a cereal packet and the adapted necklaces made from Mother of Pearl, glass and seed were bought from charity shops to represent the multicultural London community.  The small beads of stone, bone and glass were bought new for their colour.

Dimension of the demijohn and fringe: 31h x 22 w cm

RCA easel - 182h x 60w x 47cm

Year 2023