Claire Mc Dermott

My multidisciplinary practice uses sculpture, print, painting and photography to link plants to the contemporary arts.  Social and environmental thoughts are an important part of the artwork, but my initial focus is on the individuality and asymmetrical contours of senescence in spent flowers.  Taking these curiosities as an initiative I create a view to observe the irregularity and unpredictability of aspects of nature. 

From my concerns for the ecology of plants my outlook has broadened to include the environment with the aim of drawing attention and arousing deeper curiosity.  The artwork titled White Hole defined spent energy by encapsulating it as hot air in a large weather balloon, giving this phenomenon a visual concept.  From this realisation my environmental artworks have incorporated a circle as a symbol of spent energy.  My work is not intended to play on guilt about the natural world, rather to bring about knowledgeable links so that a line of thought can be built.  To make the unconscious conscious, if anything I want my work to be a whisper in the ear, the thoughts that you were thinking.

Project Reactionary, Title A Play, With Light; Wardian case No 4,  Materials - photograph mounted on curved metal, electrical light ceiling pendent, reclaimed wood, fabric and ribbon, Dimensions - 77h x 90w x 60d cm  Year - 2020.  Editions 1/12