Claire Mc Dermott

Claire Mc Dermottis an artisan and poet of London-Irish descent, who is interested in the physical aspect of plants; to understand their function and mechanism and how they interact with our atmosphere. Her passion is ignited by her field observations of phenomena that she witnessed in nature, now detailed in two of her recently published poems. Her most recent work has been poems on human rights, recognising an ethos from a female perspective to search for peace by advocating for a safer future for all civilians.

As a transdisciplinary artist and naturalist, she uses art and science to create sculptures that embraces sustainability, cares for cultural identities, and respect Mother Earth.  Opposed to any form of boundaries, she uses the concept of moving between disciplines to examine spent plants. Her sculpture explores social and environmental concerns, and she uses macro photography to capture the essence of nature, while her notebook drawings and prints are her methods to formulate the data of her thinking,

Title Segment Firring.  Materials:  Glass, mother-of pearl, tear seeds, stone and bone beads.  Wax Candle, recycled wood, paper and gesso board.  Size of college easel: 182h x 60w x 47d cm.  Size of Segment Furring: 31h x 22w cm. Year 2023.